Slovak Redemptorists conduct a parish mission in Karaganda, Kazachstan
štvrtok, 11.09.2014

From June 13th till June 22nd Slovak Redemptorists (Viceprovince Bratislava) are conducting a parish mission in Karaganda, Kazachstan. Fr. Michal Zamkovský, Fr. Jozef Jackanin and 6 lay missionaries from the River of Life fellowship are creating a mission team. Karaganda used to be one of the biggest gulags. It was called KARLAG. More than 800.000 people were imprisoned in this concentration camp in the past. Leader of the mission team Fr. Michal Zamkovský said: “I feel that this city which was called a city of death is now becoming a city of resurrection. Many citizens of the city as well as many from outside of the city are attending mission sessions. There are also many religious sisters and diocesan priests attending the mission. Pray for us!”